As I sit on my roof

It is 12:05am and I am sitting on my roof drinking water with some lemon juice, watching everyone stumble past my house. I hear two parties going on. Sounds like everyone is having a great time. 

I’ve watched several people I know walk on by, I don’t say anything though because I get it all the time. They ask “what are you doing?” And I say just sitting here enjoying the weather. Then they tell me how they are going to a huge party there is a keg blah blah blah. 

But I quit drinking a few months ago.

Not because I had a problem or it was becoming a problem, it is just that that I started drinking because I came to college and it felt like such a standard that everyone drinks constantly. I did at first but I just felt so peer pressured and now I have just developed a philosophy that whatever the majority is doing I want to do the opposite. (That’s not the only reason) but also with the career path I seem to be going down it leads to health and fitness etc. 

Not only that, but ever since I quit, when people around me are drinking and I chose not too, I feel strong and I feel like it gives me power almost. Because I’m not giving in to those choices. 

This isn’t a rant on how I hate people who drink or anything, to each their own and I respect other decisions but it just how I feel.

So… as I sit on my roof I ponder life and my next moves as I watch time and people pass


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