What Religion has taught me

I grew up a typical christian middle class white male. If you looked in the dictionary under “Average” my name would probably be there somewhere. Although both my parents were raised catholic, they were not too serious about their faith. At one point it felt to me as if they only went to these gathering such as church once a year for Christmas and other events just to keep up appearances for the rest of the family.

So, what has religion taught me… I have been surrounded by people who are very very spiritual, atheists, Buddhists, I have many friends of the Jewish faith, and many others. So this isn’t going to be a blog about how God has changed my life or anything, which some people may frown upon because that may be considered “not good for a christian to say” but I didn’t grow up in the most faithful household.


The premise for this blog to advocate something that I have noticed throughout my life, and not just religion with other areas of life as well. But what I want to get across is whatever you believe in this world, whether it be God, Jesus, Allah, Brahman, pizza, roman numerals whatever.

Make sure to make your life matter at the end of the road.

Don’t get so consumed in what you believe in that you forget to live your life and take action. People will pray and pray and pray hoping the world will change but most don’t act to actually make change. People sit around watching the news all day hoping the government gets fixed, but don’t do anything about it.

People sit around and hope that things go well but they do little to nothing or anything for that cause.

I see people all the time praying, hoping things will get better or praying so they eventually can be sent to heaven or a great after life. I don’t want to spend this life trying to get into heaven. What I want is to make the life that I have now of immense value. I want to live my life helping, motivating and making a difference in this life. I want to grow as a human. I want to make an impact on others lives.

When I die some day, I will be judged to be sent to heaven or hell. Of course, one is much more favorable than the other. But the impact that I hopefully make on others lives, now that’s what is important. When I die their lives are what will be important.

I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way, I just want to see people follow their dreams and take what they want instead of hoping and asking for it.


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