Who are you and what is your Purpose?

Growing up with big dreams with little to no motivation, or what your dreams even are is an issue to say the least.

See, the issue with Dreams, and passion is very complicated growing up because if there is one thing consistent about this world we live in it is that nothing consistently goes according to plans and that nothing really turns out the way it should be.

Now that last part there, “Nothing really turns out the way it should be”.  In this crazy messed up world, that phrase is the key. Think about it

Nothing Turns out the way it should be.”

What does that mean to you?

Does it mean you will never get what you want?


Does it mean you will end up with what you never knew you wanted most.

That right there is what gives me all the hope in the world. To follow my mind, body and spirit to lead me in the right direction. I believe there are two paths in this world. There is an open road. Very bright, lots of signs slightly downhill. Many people guiding the way and most importantly very safe route. Most people in this world go down this path as it leads to mediocrity, which they are okay with and it is a perfectly okay option! Now, for some people, they just aren’t as interested in that bright simple path. They aren’t interested because They can see people from the beginning of the path and they can’t make peace with the fact they will end up mediocre at the end of their journey in life. That is simply not their purpose.

Good thing there is another path

The second path is dark. Not many other people have ventured down this path and even less know where it ends up. There are no lights down this path and no one to guide you, your limits will be tested each and every day venturing fourth; Expect the unexpected because you will be challenged.


One last thing, There is a sign at the beginning of the path that reads “Jump in with two feet or don’t jump at all”.

Mark Twain said “The two best days of your life are the day you are Born and the day you found out Why“.

So, are you willing to make risks, conquer challenges and find your purpose in this life? Do you want to life a life full of reason and using this body you have been blessed with to its full potential. Or would you rather take the easy road and die knowing you made great memories.

In other words,

Do you want to die making a mark on the Future, or die making memories and being left behind in history.

Live on and Find your Purpose.



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